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An Introduction To My Blog

Hello and welcome to my first ever personal blog post!

I want to kick-off by sharing with you what i’m looking to achieve by writing one in the first place and why i’m doing this now, after 20 years in the health and fitness industry.

Since 2002, i’ve worked with hundreds, maybe over a thousand private clients and have learned a thing or two along the way, now is the time to share my experiences with you.

First up, i’m mainly doing this as almost an experiment if you like.

I want to test my theory that success in anything (be that business, health and fitness programming, writing a blog, etc) comes down to a some key buzzwords being implemented, those being consistency, patience, discipline and authenticity.

You see, me doing this is not something I’ve ever done before therefore I have to confess I don’t really know what i’m doing.

I know what I’m doing in the sense of talking about health, nutrition and fitness but I normally communicate one-on-one, not writing to a much larger audience.

I’ve read a few books and some articles online but just like a beginner with most things please forgive me if I’m not a pro to begin with, I will get better in time I promise! 

Me putting myself out there and sharing my thoughts and opinions is the equivalent for me as it likely is for you to be fit and healthy.

There could be some short term pain but with the right level of commitment and a growth mindset improvements will come in time.

Does this sound familiar to you?

For a long time i’ve told myself that i’m too busy to commit to it and anyway, who the f**k would want to listen to anything I have to say?

That maybe the case, but if a post I make helps just one person if only a little bit, that’s good enough for me, so we crack on…

What excuses do you put out there to not do something you know you really should?

We are all guilty of this, me included.

Whenever I write, I will do so as I speak as anyone one of you that meets me will see.

I will try to avoid using a thesaurus to make me sound more intelligent that I am and I will pre-warn you that my language at times maybe a little colourful.

Not everyone will like this but I will try to keep this page as PG as possible!

It’s perfectly ok for you to not agree with me with what I’m posting about, being honest you shouldn’t agree with me on absolutely everything because it’s really important for you to remember that you are your own person and you should never blindly follow one particular person.

Read it, take it in, keep what’s useful to you, and dismiss the rest.

Whenever I read books, magazines, etc, it’s served me quite well thus far so I highly recommend that.

I’m going to keep my posts short, sweet, relevant and not too heavy on scientific jargon.

I will write in exactly the same way that I communicate with clients – by keeping the messaging simple, compact and getting to the point.

Therefore the aim will be to write a new blog post once a week to go live on a Wednesday at 9am.

To begin with i’m thinking around 500 – 750 words or so per piece should work well so I don’t send you to sleep!

I have quite a lot of topics in my mind that i’m going to be covering initially but I would love to gather feedback from you, yes YOU, on what the biggest obstacles you have in achieving your health and fitness goals or something that you’ve heard differing opinions on and you’d like an unbiased opinion from me on.

If you do make a suggestion that I go on to write a post on, I’m happy to say thank you with a complimentary Video Consultation with me where we will discuss your question in detail, in private, so I can really help you personally.

How does that sound to you?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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