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Personal Responsibility – Are You Taking It?

It can be really uncomfortable admitting that the reason you’re not experiencing the health, fitness and lifestyle you want is because of you. 

It’s so much easier to blame someone or something else, and many people do for their failings.

Being honest with yourself though is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of the conversation I have with any new prospective client. 

I listen to the language and tone they use to describe how they are whey they are.

Usually they will fall into 1 of 3 categories:

1 – They take full responsibility and they are acutely aware that they have a fair idea of what to do but for some reason motivation is an issue.

2 – They take no responsibility and they will die on the hill of telling me an elaborate story of exactly why it’s not their fault.

3 – They have a mixture of both points 1 & 2 with varying degrees of what I believe to be genuine (or not) reasons for things not quite working out for them thus far. 

Having been in this situation more times that I can remember, I’m firm on who I can and want to help and opposite to that, who I can’t and don’t want to help. 

I appreciate to some that may sound a little harsh but let me explain…

If you are firmly in camp number 2, I cannot help you (yet). 

Therefore, I don’t want to waste your money or my time trying. 

It would be easy for me to do what most (not all) other coaches would and that’s take the money, hope for the best and basically bullshit you.

I do this out of fairness, it’s not personal but my experience tells me that at this moment in time you are just not ready to change.

And that’s ok.

We all change at the rate of which we are ready to change.

Being in pain (mentally) because of how you look, feel or perform is a form of grief. 

As with all grief, one of the most important parts of the process is acceptance. 

Can you accept what is? 

Not what you think should be or could have been, can you accept what actually is?

No bullshit, no internal justification, no stories. 

Like I said, if you’re not quite in the mental head space to accept that, it’s perfectly fine. 

I expect that when the pain point gets to the stage high enough to take full responsibility and then take action, you’ll be in a much better place to start.

The consultation process I use is one of the keys to why I consistently achieve results with the clients that I work with.

Because I won’t just dive straight in and take the time to get a feel for where you are at emotionally, it makes my job a million times easier. 

As such, by the time a new prospect actually comes through the consultation process and begins on their first day I have a very high level of confidence that we can achieve what they want. 

And this in part comes down to answering the question…

Personal responsibility – Are you taking it?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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