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The Characteristics Of Success

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve worked with hundreds possibly even a thousand people.

One thing that has always fascinated me about health and fitness is that we seem to treat it so much differently to other parts of out lives.

Just imagine for a second when you were at the beginning of your career in whatever industry you’re now settled in.

Were you an expert from day 1?

The answer is no, if you answered yes I’m afraid you need to work on your self-awareness…

I know at the beginning of my career, I made mistakes.

They were never intentional or malicious, the fact is I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

In other words, I didn’t know any better.

So how did I improve?

Probably in the same way that you have over your professional career.

  • I kept showing up
  • I was open to learning
  • I wasn’t afraid to fail
  • I spoke to people who knew more than me
  • I loosened my belief that everything had to be perfect (sometimes good is good enough)

These are just a handful of reasons, I’m sure if I put my mind to it I could think of a few more and I’m almost certain you can think of some of your own. 

Over the years I’ve learnt that to be successful in most things it takes certain characteristics, such as:


I know for a fact that if you give up every time something doesn’t go to plan you will not succeed. 

You must keep going.

Especially with health and fitness because it’s a lifelong journey. 

Unfortunately it’s never the case that once you get in great shape that’s you sorted forever.

There will be unexpected obstacles along the way, you must find a way to be flexible in your approach. 

You won’t always make progress, sometimes staying where you are maybe progress in itself.


One of my flaws is that I’m naturally impatient and it’s something that I’m always working on to improve. 

Some things take a while and longer than we want them too.

Being optimistic is good, being realistic with it is better.

Take weight loss for example, you’re not going to lose 20kg overnight. 


Give me someone who is disciplined over someone who is motivated almost all of the time. 


Because motivation comes and goes for all of us and if you are relying on that to keep you going you are in trouble. 

Discipline means doing the things you need to do, sometimes when you don’t particularly want to do them. 

So I’ve chosen 3 characteristics for being successful, once again I’m sure you maybe able to call on your own experiences to thing of a few more. 

I would love it and it would be so much easier if progress was always linear, but unfortunately it isn’t. 

Shit gets in the way, life happens. 

You might not like it but the sooner you can accept it the sooner you can actually relax and focus on the things that are in your control. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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