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The Critical Part Of Weight Management

You can’t have your cake and eat it. 

Or can you? 

All too often, when it comes to food there’s contradicting advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. 

One example maybe that you may read an article from one person that says ‘fruit is great’, and the next day someone else is telling you ‘fruit is evil’. 

More often than not the reason people take such firm stances at either end of the spectrum is their need for attention.

Clickbait as me you recognise it is possibly worse than ever. 

This is because the amount of content being published today has never been higher. 

And the same will happen again tomorrow. 

In such a crowded space, solid but not spectacular advice doesn’t seem to cut through.

Luckily for you, I don’t really care too much for clicks so i’m in a position to be more truthful.

It’s not ‘sexy’ to tell you that the most important part of your long-term weight management plan is your portion control. 

But take my word for it, if you need to get to grips with anything it’s that. 

Portion control and sustainability go hand-in-hand. 

Don’t forget, as i’ve said a hundred times before that losing weight isn’t difficult. 

Move more, eat less and bingo (for most people).

You’re probably reading this and you have successfully lost weight in the past. 

But you’re also likely to be one of the 90%-95% of people who lose weight and then put it all back on, and then some.

Portion control / or management gives you the flexibility to eat anything you want. 

BUT, you probably just can’t have the amount of it that you would either like or normally have. 

So you can have cake and still lose weight, but it’s likely a safer bet to have 200 calories worth rather than 400 calories worth. 

The same goes for most things. 

You like pizza? Cool, have a slice or 2. Just don’t have a full 12 inch one to yourself.

The same goes for alcohol. You like a beer? Cool, have 1 or 2. Just don’t have 10 pints and expect there not to be consequences.

By being disciplined with your portions it means you can eat less (to create a calorie deficit) whilst not having to completely eliminate certain foods, drinks or whole food groups (carbs for example). 

This brings longevity into your lifestyle. 

If you have a right lifestyle habits in place, the ONLY thing that needs to change when you reach your target weight is that you can now eat a little MORE and that will then halt weight loss and help you maintain the results you’ve got thus far.

And that right there is freedom.

Lose weight once, lose weight properly and you will never have to do it again. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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