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The Long-Term Weight Management Solution

How many times are you going to keep going around in circles when it comes to managing your body weight?

You may also know it as the yo-yo effect. 

You lose 20 pounds only to put it all back on and maybe even more!

I know some people who’ve lost in excess of 200 pounds in a decade and they still weigh the same today as the day they first started.

It’s said the definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes but expecting a different outcome…

What is it going to take for you to stop looking for quick-fixes and actually build a lifestyle that makes both losing weight and then most importantly, keeping it off?

The health and fitness world is full of promises… 

“Lose 20 pounds in 14 days” or advertisements of the like. 

It just seems like the number of pounds you can lose and the number of days is always interchangeable, don’t forget to appeal to the most vulnerable people the more weight lost in the least amount of days the better! 

This is exactly why the ‘diet’ industry is worth billions of dollars a year.

On the surface it can work as described, as such you got what you wanted. 

You wanted to lose a certain amount of weight in the certain amount of time and you did it. 

So you’re happy, the company is happy, everyone wins right? 

Not quite… 

You see now you have a problem, and it’s not a small one. 

You’ve lost the weight but you don’t know specifically how it’s happened, why it’s happened and what to do next. 

You’ve blindly followed a set of instructions, with zero education alongside it and now you think you can go back to “normal” and everything will be fine. 

History shows that for over 90% of you, you can now look forward to regaining all that lost weight. 

It’s not really of question as if, the question really is how fast.

In the nicest possible way i’m telling you to wake up, see through the bullshit and stop looking for quick fixes.

There is a better way, it takes more time, more patience, but in the long-term it will give you exactly what you’ve always wanted. 

Instead of giving yourself 12 weeks, give yourself 12 months.

The time is going to pass regardless… 

Educate yourself – either on your own via the internet or a better investment maybe to work with a credible professional to help you along the way. 

Be ok with making mistakes – nobody is perfect, nobody gets everything right (especially as the start), but you stay committed. 

Aim for small improvements day-by-day, I speak to my clients about laying a brick every day and eventually you’ll have a wall, the eventually you’ll have a house, and so on. 

And remember, if you’ can’t lay a brick, don’t kick down the fucking wall. (i.e self-sabotage, or perfectionism)

Commit to learning more about food, it’s there to fuel you and be enjoyed for what it is, not rule your life because you’re shit-scared of eating something. 

That is no way to live. 

Commit to drinking water, going to bed a regular times and exercising 3-4 hours per week. 

Strength training is great but if you prefer tennis or cycling, that’s ok too. Just move. 

Lose weight once, lose it properly and then adjust your calorie intake to maintenance levels and then you’ve cracked it! 

It doesn’t have to be complicated – work out how many calories you will burn in a week and then that will tell you have many calories to eat accordingly. 

Get comfortable with the fact that if your diet or the like has an end day, there’s always a day after that when you will have to still move, eat well, etc.

Have a flexible process that’s easily repeatable for the next 10, 15 or 20 years. 

Yes, there maybe times when you are more motivated, that normal and you can push on during those times. 

There will also be times when you feel like your world is falling apart, shit happens, that’s life. 

You need a solution that is flexible to both situations. 

It should never be all or nothing. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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