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Uncomfortable Truth – Your Programme Never Ends

Whether we like it or not, we have to come to terms with reality. 

And in this case, the stark reality is that when it comes to your health and fitness you’re never ‘done’. 

Yes, there may be times when you have a concentrated period of training where you work towards a particular goal. 

But, afterwards your health and fitness still continues. 

It’s a never-ending part of your life that will be with you until the end. 

You see what’s really common is that someone may embark on a transformation of some kind, in my industry 12 weeks is the most common timeframe. 

The question for you is though, ‘what then?’

I wish it was the case that once you’ve worked your ass of to be in great shape once, that’s it, you will just stay in great shape forever. 

Unfortunately not. 

Every time speak to a new client either in person or on a video call, I make them very aware of this fact. 

Most personal trainers don’t. 

They only care about the time you are working with them and consider it a problem you need to solve on your own when you no longer have them by your side. 

I make it perfectly clear that working with me is just the start. 

But there will be a point in the future, it may be 3 months from now, it maybe 3 years but at some point I will no longer be by your side. 

At this point, you have a decision to make. 

You take what we do together in the time we have to continue on your own. 

I do my best throughout to give you all the information and thought-processes you need to do this. 

Or, you can go to a more remote programme. 

In this case I will update your gym programme and calorie goals once a month and you follow my guidance in your own time. 

Or, you keep a personal trainer by your side for the very long-term. 

It depends, how much responsibility you want to take and also how much time and money you have for this. 

Whatever you chose, we can’t get away from the fact that you’re never ‘done’, you are always on a continuous journey. 

Accept this, get comfortable with this and strap yourself in and get your mindset ready for the long run.

What happens if you don’t?

You end up in what maybe the all to familiar cycle of being ‘on/off’ or ‘good/bad’. 

You weight yo-yo’s, it’s no good for your health from either a physical or mental perspective. 

The key is to build a sustainable, flexible healthy lifestyle that can be easily adapted to your goals and motivation levels at any-one-time. 

Set the foundations with a solid structure which includes training, steps, sleep, water and the right amount of calories from good quality foods. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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