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Using Your Smartphone For Results

Everyone I know has a smartphone and I think we’ve all seen the articles about how we use them too much. 

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty at some point of mindlessly scrolling through social media or going down the rabbit hole with YouTube videos, I know I have.

So i’m not here to regurgitate other blogs or tell you what you likely already know.

I want to look at how we can use the technology to our advantage and actually get better results because of it.

To start with, let me recap what i’ve mentioned multiple times in my past posts… 

We are a result of our average day!

Therefore, we need to focus on how we can improve our daily habits, to have the best possible chance of both achieving a level of health, wellbeing and fitness you are happy with, and then maintaining it.

If you’ve been in a cycle of poor habits, it can be tricky to overcome this so giving yourself consistent little nudges throughout the day to create new habits can really help. 

App 1 – The Clock App 

As far as i’m aware all smartphones come with a built-in clock app so for this you don’t have to search for it. 

You can set the clock app up with alarms to go off throughout the day to remind you of what to do at any specific time. 

This might sound really simple, and it is, but we tend to be so ‘busy’ doing other things it can be just as easy to forget. 

Personally, I set my alarm for:

  • waking up
  • leaving my house
  • parking my car (i’ve been guilty multiple times of parking my car a 6am in a car park and forgetting to pay online because i’m half asleep, this costs me £60 each time so now I set my alarm to remind me to pay!)
  • taking my supplements
  • eating my meals (not all, mainly my lunch as I’m well into my day by this point so can easily just work through and forget to eat) 

I always tell my clients that just because something works for me, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be exactly the same for them so they need to adapt it to their circumstances. 

Take a look at how you want your day to go tomorrow and then set some alarms to help you. 

In time you won’t need to use some alarms because it will become a habit, but until them it can be really beneficial. 

App 2 – Nutrition Tracking

What gets tracked, tends to get measured and what gets measured gets improved. 

Recording what you eat and drink if only for a short time can be really educational and help you understand much more about the amount of calories you take in and how those calories are made up. 

It doesn’t have to be time consuming, once you’re familiar with the technology it should only take around 5 minutes of your day. 

An investment of your time that my experience tells me that the returns will be very worthwhile. 

So there we go, 2 quick ways you can use your smartphone for you rather than it being a barrier to success. 

Give it a go and see how you find it. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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