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Solid Foundations For Long-Term Success

Just imagine for a moment you are given all the money you need to build your dream house. 

Feel free to get carried away with how it looks, what luxuries you have in there, the sky is the limit on this one. 

No expense will be spared. 

Now my first question to you would be, “Would you like to build said house on rock-solid concrete foundations or quicksand?”

At this stage you look at me as if i’m an idiot to ask such a question. 

“I will take the rock-solid concrete foundations please!” 

Good choice, I believe that will be a great investment. 

Don’t forget that there are some elements of your dream house that are only ever there for the times when the weather gets less than desirable. 

Snow, rain, wind, sleet, you name it, your house needs to be able to cope with it, possibly even in the extremes. 

So let’s now flip this and let me ask you a more relevant question as to why you’re reading my blog… 

“Would you like to build your new body and lifestyle on rock-solid foundations or quicksand?” 

Confused? You are certainly not alone, it’s ok. 

You see, what I mean by this is that the reason why 90%+ people go back to how they originally look (or worse) once they have “completed” a diet or the like is that they have set themselves up to fail right from the very beginning but building there lifestyle or way of eating on the equivalent of quicksand. 

Any “diet’ you can think of usually has an end point. 

As in, when you lose a certain amount of weight you diet can stop. 

But, there’s a problem here. 

And that problem is that life goes on. 

So what are you going to do now? 

I will tell you what the 90%+ people who put all the weight back on do, they go back to eating “normally” and reducing their activity levels. 

In simple terms that means they eat more and move less, as such they can and normally do re-gain all the weight they lost and likely more. 

For examples think Weight Watchers, Slimming World & most “transformation’ Personal Trainers. 

You may get results when you’re with them but it you can’t sustain success beyond that, what is the point? 


You don’t need a diet, you need a new normal, you need a lifestyle build on rock-solid foundations. 

This means you form long-term, sustainable habits from the start which you can continue FOREVER. 

What this includes is consistent sleep times, consistent hydration levels, consistent movement and consistent meal times and structures. 

Yes, your calorie intake and activity levels may fluctuate if you want to lose or gain weight but the process doesn’t change. 

That line is so important, it needs repeating. 

Yes, your calorie intake and activity levels may fluctuate if you want to lose or gain weight but the process (your lifestyle) doesn’t change.

As I have said in previous blog posts, you are always the result of your average day. 

Set your days and week up to consistently fuel your body and move as required, in a way that you can not only do it today but it’s realistic to believe you can repeat this process for the next 10 years +. 

Most people can eat within their calories and move on their “good days” but it’s what happens every day that will ultimately decide your results. 

That is what I mean by building rock-solid foundations for your health and fitness. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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