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James - Film & TV Actor

“Through Craig’s training and nutritional advice I was amazed at the results I achieved, I’m now in the best shape of my life. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants results. He’s a dedicated professional and it’s no exaggeration to say he changed my life.”

Carlos - Chief Executive

“With really focused gym sessions and by following Craig’s nutritional guidelines, I’ve lost 70 pounds (5 stone) in 6 months. My fitness levels have gone through the roof and my energy levels are so much more consistent during the day, which really helps with my work and family commitments.”

Amy - Fitness Model

“Working with Craig is the best thing I have done in terms of making progress in my physique. He’s 100% committed to getting results and his support has been amazing. I look better, feel fitter and am also healthier than ever before. He’s everything a Personal Trainer should be and more!”

Sandra - Commercial Director

“Craig has helped me lose 42 pounds (3 stone) and 8 inches from my waist in 6 months. I’m really pleased we’ve found a way of eating that doesn’t make me feel like i’m on a really restrictive diet. His training sessions are challenging, structured and diverse, but with no boot camp in sight!”

Richard - Film & TV Actor

“Craig’s guidance has been invaluable to me and has enabled me to work to the best of my ability. Each session is efficient and focused, in a way I have rarely experienced. He gets results, is great fun to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Jed - Film & TV Actor

“It’s safe to say Craig is the key reason I have been physically able to complete my job. With ‘The Hobbit’ movies being the most physically demanding shoots I’ve ever been on, his support has been critical to me. Anyone lucky enough to have Craig as their trainer is in very good hands.”

Caitlin - Media Manager

“After just one session with Craig I was certain I’d picked the right person to get me into shape for my wedding. I highly recommend him as he really invests in you and he’ll fully commit to getting you to your goal. If you work hard and follow his guidance, the results you will get are amazing!”

Becky - Fashion Model

“After having a baby and as a model, I was desperate to get my figure back. The results from Craig’s training were outstanding! In 8 weeks, I lost 28 pounds (2 stone) and was much more toned. I was in undated with work as my confidence was sky-high again. I will always be grateful for this.”

Steve - Managing Director

“I’m always looking at ways to reward and motivate my staff to produce positive results. Since working with Craig the office is so much more vibrant and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that absenteeism is now almost non-existent. He’s one of the best investments my company has made.”

Luke - Film & TV Actor

“With Craig’s coaching, I was able to prepare for physically demanding scenes in the best possible way. He takes a professional, structured and very specific approach in his work and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for real results.”

Faye - Film & TV Actress

“Through sessions in the gym and a nutrition plan, Craig helped me lose 4.7% body fat, 9 pounds and 4 inches from my waist in 4 weeks. He has a great way of making training challenging but fun at the same time. His personal commitment to keeping me motivated was second to none.”

Kirsty - Life Coach

“Craig has inspired me massively to achieve my goals. He’s not afraid to ask those difficult questions others won’t, to enable you to think objectively and push beyond your mental barriers. I admire his dedication to being the best at what he does, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

John - Film & TV Actor

“I wasn’t sure having to get in shape for my biggest role to date was something I was going to enjoy but Craig changed my attitude in very short order. With regular gym sessions geared specifically to someone of my age, and nutritional advice, left me feeling fitter, slimmer, with more energy.”

Mark - Film & TV Actor

“Craig has a very good one-to-one style, knowing exactly how far to push you through his obvious experience and in-depth knowledge. Thanks to him, I can see the benefits of continuing what we have worked on to make this part of a healthy long-term lifestyle that’s sustainable.”

Pooja - Combat Athlete

“Whilst working with Craig I became a 2 x National Taekwondo Champion and made the Olympic training squad. His knowledge of training, nutrition and weight management is commendable. I came out of every session with him feeling motivated and one step closer to reaching my goal.”

Lucy - Chief Executive

“The benefits of working with Craig are mental as well as physical. I feel better about myself and increased energy levels have enabled me to be more focused in the office and get better results for my business. He inspires you to make choices that are not only life-changing, but maintainable.”

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