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Sunday – A Key Day Of The Week

Do you finally want to get a good grip on your health and lifestyle?

The answer to all your issues could very well lie within your schedule, or lack of it.

The most important day of the week, I believe to be SUNDAY. 

Why Sunday? 

  • This tends (for most people) to be a day off from work, or at least a less busier day than a weekday.
  • Meaning, the likelihood is you be able to find the time and space to commit to this practice. 
  • It’s a good time to reflect on the week you’ve just had a make a plan for the week to come.

For this practice to be successful it will require a few things – 

  • Time – You’ll need to put aside 15 – 30 mins per week to do this. 
  • Patience – You’ll need to commit to doing this practice every week.
  • Honesty – You’ll need to be honest with yourself about everything. 
  • Acceptance – You’ll have to accept you are where you are and reality.

Let me take you through how I would use a Sunday to keep myself on track and hopefully it will give you an insight of how you maybe able to do a similar exercise to accommodate for your own lifestyle, goals and commitments. 

The process works as follows – 

  • Review

– What worked well this week? 

– What could I have improved this week? 

– Did my actions match my goals? If not, why? 

– Did I follow through with my commitments to training? If not, why? 

– Did I eat the required amount of calories to match my overall goals? If not, why?

  • Plan 

– How many times will I train next week, and when? (Put this in diary)

– How many calories do I need to cover the amount of training I’m doing and everything else? 

– How many times per day will I eat, and when? (Put this in diary)

  • General Questions

– If I follow the plan will it take me closer to the goal? (If not, I need a new plan)

– Is my plan realistic based upon my previous action levels? (Be honest)

If this is your very first time of doing this you’ll also need to add in a “measure” component. 

You can’t realistically plan for where you want to go if you don’t know where you are… 

You should be able to map out exactly what your ‘ideal’ week looks like. 

At this point, it’s worth remembering that shit happens. 

Life changes, with some things out of your control, so rather than acting all pissed off and surprised about it, having a plan B is a good option.

For example, I like to recommend to plan to workout in the morning or around lunch time, then if something changes and you can’t do it, you still have the fall back option of training in the evening. 

Yes, it might be inconvenient but as a one-off you might just have to suck it up. 

I also plan when entirely possible to not train on a Sunday, this being a way for me to always have a fall-back day incase I miss a session in the week, I can make it up on the Sunday and I’ve still done everything I needed to do for the week, just not at the times I said I’d do it. 

As long as it gets done. it’s fine. 

Try different strategies that can work around your lifestyle, work and family commitments. 

Just because something works well for me, doesn’t automatically mean it will for you, and vice-versa. 

Be prepared to try things, make mistakes, it’s ok.

Just keep going, keep showing up. 

Eventually you’ll come across a time management schedule that works for you that includes time for your health, fitness, well-being, friends, family, work and down-time. 

Yes, you can absolutely have it all but there will be inconveniences along the way, that’s life i’m afraid. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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