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What Does A Healthy Lifestyle Look Like?

What health means to one person might differ significantly to the next, and that’s ok. 

What’s important is for you to have your own idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like and try to achieve that. 

For example, a healthy lifestyle for a CEO will likely be different to that of a professional athlete or single parent. 

Each of us has our own set of unique circumstances that we have to navigate. 

So just because you see some self-confessed high flying corporate executive preaching online about how they get up at 5am to meditate and take a cold shower before reading for an hour, it doesn’t mean it relevant or appropriate for you. 

Let’s be honest for most people that stuff is for the fairies. 

It’s not to say it can’t happen, just reality tells us it probably won’t. 

Yes we do all have 24 hours in a day but how we utilise them to work for us can be influenced by many different factors, such as: 

  • Employment – A CEO can dictate his or her own diary, an employee is less likely to have this luxury. 
  • Finances – More money means you have access to greater resources and you can call on more support. 
  • Family – If you have a child or an elderly relative to care for, this will have a significant impact on your options. 

Here is just 3 examples, I am sure you and I come come up with many more.

What we all have in common though is what we need to do to live a fit and healthy life such as exercise, eating an appropriate level of calories and protein, and doing in so that helps us both physically and mentally. 

The number of people who crash diet who constantly keep going round in circles is beyond concerning and the current level of obesity levels worldwide back this up. 

Being fit and healthy to me includes:

  • Lifting weights 4 days per week
  • An average of 10,000 steps per day
  • Eating an appropriate level of calories and protein
  • Having the social flexibility to eat out 
  • Being guilt-free with all food, nothing is off-limits but portions are managed

Would this be different if my circumstances were different, probably. 

But they’re not for now and as such this is what I measure as success. 

How you measure you version of what it will take you to be fit and healthy may, and likely will look different and that is great. 

It is different because we are different. 

Please remember this the next time you read someone online ‘tell’ you that there’s only one way to be successful, and it just so happens to be their way. 

Frankly, it’s bullshit. 

There’s many different ways to both measure and achieve success, what’s important is that you keep it both relevant and realistic for you. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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